To give you more informations about our products

Bottle Assembler ACMe

Continuous assembly machine for bottles, the machine is equipped with two heads for inserting the collar and the other for inserting the nebulizer.

Main functions at a glance – Very fast and silent machine. It can reach 160 beats per minute (always depending on the product to be treated), the machine is very versatile and can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Dedicated charger for blister packs

A dedicated charger for blister packs, the charger in question is designed to automatically charge oblong tablets, but it is possible to make it for various sizes, compressed capsules, and more. Its shape and characteristic can vary depending on the customer’s machine.

Main functions at a glance – Durable tablets, compressed capsules.

Transport System ACMe

Fully automated Acme transport system, designed for coupling with the Wilco (Leack Detection Systems) machine. Our company is specialized in matching any machines or lines all studied to fit the customer.

Key Features at a Glance – Wilco Automatic Delivery System.